Our Value

Calev Systems (CS) offers a full range of solutions to support the various marketing needs of our clients.

We are experts in production management and sourcing. Some of our core competencies include managing and procuring for multiple print categories, global paper mill sourcing, and advanced distribution solutions.
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Beyond Print, Paper and Distribution

CS services a wide variety of print industries, including: catalogs, magazines, promotional materials, in-store signage and displays, and other marketing collateral. We have won numerous quality awards and are recognized as one the leaders in the luxury industry.

Our personalized service and support can help companies realize cost-savings, shorten production times, increase marketing response rates, and improve delivery schedules. In fact, we have a proven record of over 95% on-time deliveries. Our commitment to our clients throughout our 15+ years in business has allowed us to build collaborative, long-term partnerships and expand the scope of our services to address every stage of the print supply chain. We act as an extension of clients’ businesses, enabling them to remain focused on the big picture. CS can provide a comprehensive audit of any program to identify areas of opportunities to gain efficiencies; results may be substantial, with some of our clients realizing as much as a 15% to 20% reduction in cost. From creative through in-home delivery, both domestically and globally, CS can customize the perfect solution for any business.

About Calev Print Media

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Our People

The Right People

Calev Systems (CS) has the right people, the right technology, and the right processes to offer creative solutions for project challenges…from concept to delivery.

With an average of 28+ years of industry experience, our team of recognized experts enables CS to provide excellence to our valued clients. Our production managers and other experienced team members manage all the variables associated with helping companies execute production while achieving their marketing results.


Mark Calev,
Founder & CEO

Years of Industry Experience:
Since 1992

Mr. Calev is responsible for the overall leadership, strategy, vision, and supply chain relationships for Calev Systems.


Dave Tanis,
Chief Operating Officer
Executive Vice President, Logistics and Distribution

Years of Industry Experience:
Since 1992

Dave started working in a commercial card deck printing and packaging facility in Skokie Il, before taking a position in a startup letter shop/ bindery operation for Falcon Communications, from 1993 to 2000, where he worked himself up the ranks to General Manager. In 2001 Dave joined ALG as the acting Director of Postal Affairs; subsequently, he held positions of VP Sales, VP Client Services, and the VP of Production Management. In 2006, ALG Direct Opened Print and Mailing Solutions, the first and largest 3rd Party Co Palletization, Co Mailing operation in the country, where he was instrumental in strategies and implementation of the success of this operations. In 2010, Dave assumed the position of President of ALG Direct, Print and Mailing Solutions and has been in the business of furthering client objectives in regards to competing with the most aggressive mailing and postal strategies in the country.


Loyd Walker,
Executive Vice President Business Development/Partner

Years of Industry Experience:
Since 1973

Mr. Walker has deep expertise in the catalog print and distribution segment, as well as all aspects of print solutions, and is responsible for business development and market expansion.


Carlos Cueto,
Director of Sales

Years of Industry Experience:
Since 1993

Mr. Cueto is responsible for overseeing multi-national, corporation business development and has creative process skills with international linguistics expertise.


Our Work

At Calev Systems (CS), our DNA consists of integrity, ethics, execution, and a resilient passion for our valued clients and suppliers. Managing a process, whether it is creative or production-related, requires discipline, expertise, resources and dedication to see the process through each and every day. CS achieves results through a collaborative effort with our customers. We act as an extension of their business, enabling them to focus on revenue generating activity. From concept to logistics and beyond, we often take a consultative approach to yield the most cost-effective solutions to ensure we meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our people and industry relationships are what make the difference in the results we achieve for our clients. We take the time to understand the unique challenges each company faces and provide creative solutions to address them. We are completely transparent in every aspect of the process and hold ourselves accountable to every client we serve.

Our process begins with a comprehensive business assessment, which often includes meeting with a company’s key departments and personnel to determine business goals, scrutinizing areas that need improvement, and identifying cultural nuances. Next, we work with our clients to develop a customized solution to help meet their goals and needs, looking for ways to maximize savings while delivering the highest quality work. Our team will then present a plan to implement these changes and provide a launch date to seamlessly integrate our custom print management solution. Once the print management plan goes live, CPM doesn’t disappear; we become an extension of our client’s business to ensure we continue to deliver results and exceed expectations.



At Calev Systems (CS), our number one priority is customer satisfaction and we cannot do that without our network of global suppliers. CS knows that one size does not fit all; when it comes to print projects there is a vast array of specific equipment that makes each project more efficient. Not all printing equipment, however, is available under one company and this is where CS leverages its business partnerships with vetted suppliers.

Our suppliers are an extension of our services, and therefore must pass and maintain stringent quality requirements. CS’s key differentiator from companies offering similar services is the value we place on both our client and supplier relationships. We believe in driving more volume to preferred suppliers which allows CS to have access to the best technology, below market rates, and owner involvement with privately-owned companies.

Our vetting process is extensive and requires suppliers that would like to join our partner network to undergo a rigorous application process, which involves sharing financial and reference information. Suppliers then perform a ‘test’ process, where we send them sample projects for quotes and examine their pricing, expertise and expectations.

Once a company becomes part of our certified supplier network, it is consistently rated according to our supplier scorecard. Our production managers rate each individual project at point of invoice based on a number of factors, including on-time delivery, quality, and pricing. Our clients also are encouraged to provide input and feedback through a custom-generated Web page.

Through our certified, global supplier network, we ensure only the highest quality, cost-competitive products are delivered to our clients. Innovative products and the best in-class technology, all managed by our passionate team members is how we deliver award-winning quality and have continued to satisfy our customers for over a decade.


Career Opportunities

Our employees are an extension of our business culture – uniquely different and always looking for opportunities to make a difference for our clients, our community and our world. We think of them as family members who get to be a part of something amazing and provide them with ample opportunities to invest in themselves. Together, we strive to do things more creatively, effectively, and better than our competition. CS is always looking for like-minded individuals to join our diverse team of professionals who love what they do and approach each day as a new opportunity to deliver innovative solutions and collaborate with others who share a similar drive.

Our employees are passionate and dedicated, and one of the main reasons why CS is a leader in the print management industry. We believe in them and their work. That’s why it’s so important to us to take care of each member of our team by providing the best employee benefits package we can offer. Our employees enjoy several perks, including health and dental insurance, vision plans, 401k with company match, paid time off and holidays, as well as other team-building activities. It’s simple; happy employees are good business. By providing the time, resources, benefits to allow them to lead happy, fulfilling lives, our employees are able to enjoy a healthy balance of work and play.


What We Do

What We Do

At CS, we operate on one simple premise—to provide you with strategic print management solutions that save time and money while improving quality.

Working on your behalf, the CS team carefully scrutinizes print workflow, documentation, technology, production, distribution and billing. Then our extensive direct-buying power, management and analysis kicks in. CS works it until we develop the most efficient, cost-effective print management system to suit your needs…


Print Management

Calev Systems (CS) manages the ever-changing complex world of the print buying process through its Certified Suppliers. Since 2000, we have kept our promise to execute and deliver results, building collaborative, long-term partnerships and expanding the scope of our services to address every stage of the print supply chain. As a single-source partner, CS takes financial responsibility for all work procured resulting in multiple benefits for our clients. Trust, integrity, and doing what’s right has always been part of our business model and helped us to achieve success in a rapidly changing marketplace.

CS answers the challenge every company faces – print industry supplier consolidation and a diminishing print-centric talent pool. CS has carefully selected experts who have proven track records within the industry and have a fervent passion to perform and make CS’s offering unique.

We have the right people, the right technology, and the right processes to meet the most rigorous project demands. From concept to print, global paper sourcing and fulfillment, and logistics and beyond, CS works as an extension of our clients’ businesses to ensure we deliver award-winning quality on time and on budget.

With an average of 28+ years of in-plant print experience, our clients know that CS will handle their print projects with care and attention to detail – every day and on every job.


Distribution & Co-Mail

At Calev Systems (CS), we understand that in any marketing campaign the distribution strategy is a vital component to its overall success. A well-designed and executed distribution strategy takes into account both the bottom line and the service to our clients’ end users.

CS’s Principles of Distribution strategy provides premier, direct-marketing services to customers of all sizes across all industries. We achieve this through a commitment to provide our clients the most efficient processing procedures, the most advanced technologies, and an expert staff. Our state-of-the-art supply chain mails millions of pieces each day, while utilizing traditional and cutting-edge distribution services like, co-mail, drop-shipping, co-palletization and co-mingling. These services allow CS to save our clients postage and provide industry-best delivery performance. Our supply chain can certify our clients’ mailed products right from the manufacturing floor, eliminating a step and further expediting the process.

CS’s Principles of Distribution Include:

Data Processing:

  • Address Standardization/CASS Certification/Duplicate Elimination
  • Mail File Optimization
  • Presorting/Standardization (Automation/Non-Automation)
  • Enhanced Carrier Route
  • Merge/Purge
  • Multiple Data Types Accepted
  • File Maintenance

Mail Distribution Services:

CS offers co-mailing, co-palletization and co-mingling; three ways to combat potential postal increases in the coming years. All offer our clients ways to save money on postage, but are quite different in approach.


The grouping of individual copies of multiple titles (periodical or standard flat) to increase presort automation and destination entry to obtain maximum mail discounts.


When a publication is co-palletized, it means that the mailer has placed independently presorted packages of various periodical publications on a pallet. These pallets of mail must drop ship to achieve the postage discounts. Postal discounts are based on the number of packages (pieces), not the number of copies within each package.


Co-mingle is the automated grouping of multiple titles into a common mail trail prepared for USPS delivery. This process upgrades mail tier qualification and provides additional destination entry postage discounts.

Non-Profit Mailing Services

For the past 15 years, CS has specialized in helping non-profits maximize their returns. Because of the personal nature of giving (and asking), direct mail is the natural and most effective way for non-profits to fundraise, send information and promote events. We have many tools at our disposal; whether it’s a personalized letter that really needs to look and feel personal – or an invitation to a gala fundraiser, complete with die cutting and foil stamping, CS has the experience to get the job out on time and on budget. Organizations that need new ideas or a fresh approach are encouraged to consult with one of our specialists. We have helped our clients raise hundreds of millions of dollars for their worthy causes.

Other Distribution Services Offered:

  • Trucking (Truckload/Less than Truckload)
  • Intermodal Container
  • Maritime Cargo
  • Specialized Hauling
  • Parcel Consolidation Distribution
  • Trans-Border Hauling (Air & Surface)
  • Consolidation & Warehousing Services
  • Fulfillment Services
  • Information Management

Let our team of mail distribution experts review your current mail distribution and provide you with a plan that includes coordinating co-mail partners, data and scheduling across our supplier network, as well as ways to maximize volume and opportunity. We can organize and plan all your distribution needs, taking care of every detail so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Paper Sourcing

Paper can represent up to 60% of the total cost of your job.

We know grades, basis weights, brightness, opacity and the application of the right paper to the right product. In addition, CS has negotiated volume-based discounts with paper mills and merchants. This translates into quality improvements and cost savings to our clients.

Paper management requires dependable customer service and a technical support staff that will guide customers through the challenging paper process. We do this by providing clear, quantifiable results and answers that help our clients.

The result:

  • Control of the largest cost component – paper
  • Direct mill access which eliminates printers mark up
  • Unique international access to a variety of paper grades
  • Inventory managed on the clients’ behalf
  • Consumption reports
  • Carry-over of unused paper balance for next press run
  • Billing based on paper consumption
  • Continual evaluation of new market products and cost saving alternatives
  • FSC sustainable

Procurement Assessment

CS’s procurement assessment is a full-scale audit of a company’s overall marketing and printing spend, as well as budget – all at no cost. From this audit, we make a determination of how to best source print collateral. We utilize our systems and resources, along with our team’s expertise, to identify the right suppliers for each component of a print project. We then reengineer a more efficient program and work with our certified supplier network to maximize a print procurement plan. This results in savings, quality, and lower overhead for our clients.

During our procurement assessment, we will:

  • Perform a thorough audit on all applicable categories
  • Analyze 4 to 6 months of invoices and supporting purchase orders
  • Enter and categorize print products in a master database
  • Compare invoices against our discounted costs using our certified supplier network
  • Create sample CS invoices and identify savings
  • Provide a summary of total savings along with detailed invoices

Our team of specialized field experts will then implement tailored solutions, while looking out for our clients’ best interests, resulting in immediate savings on costs and time.


Creative Services Built on Experience

At Calev Systems (CS), we focus on what we do well and bringing our clients’ ideas to life; from the first conceptual meeting, throughout the art direction and design phase and final file preparation, CPS has print in mind. We start every concept and design with one basic principal in mind — provide expert service and quality to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our industry-leading partners can enhance your design by providing superior services, such as photography, video and responsive website design – among other services. This, coupled with our premedia services, makes our Creative Services a tough act to beat.

CS differs from an agency in that our creative production artists are focused on “design with print in mind.” With over 100 years of cumulative print experience, we can produce pages quickly, reduce proofing rounds, and cut cycle time without jeopardizing quality and results, allowing our clients to focus on their products and/or marketing campaigns.

CS Offers the Following Creative Services:

  • Concept and Design
  • Page Layout and Production
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Premedia
  • Interactive
  • Translation and Transcreation

Why CS continues to flourish…has the craftsmanship and art of print been lost?

CS answers the challenge every company faces, print industry supplier consolidation and a diminishing print-centric talent pool, by utilizing hand-selected experts who have a proven track record within the industry and a fervent passion to perform, making our offering unique.

There are less knowledgeable and experienced people in the industry, as well as people who have been in the industry for three to four decades, but they haven’t adjusted to the new formats, products and technologies available. Utilizing databases and variable data on larger, faster equipment is a good example of how we provide higher response rate for the masses. This technology is still underutilized, even though the statistics speak for themselves. At times, we can even triple the response rates by targeting direct mail pieces. CS works closely with our clients’ data and marketing departments to help create a powerful variable data program.


Translation Services — More Than Just Translation

Although most online translation services create literal translations, it just doesn’t fully communicate the message marketers are trying to get across. That is why CS adapts the message in a process called transcreation. Transcreation is the process of taking a message in one language and adapting to another, while still maintaining the intent, style, tone and context of the original message. The phrase transcreation has historically been used by advertising and marketing professionals, and it takes a special skill set to do it successfully. Our experienced staff understands the nuances across cultural backgrounds and can educate clients on how their marketing messages will be received in other parts of the world. This includes helping them to select appropriate fonts, images and graphic elements, as well as ensuring the message does not get lost in translation.

But, CS doesn’t stop at the transcreation. Using CS’s own creative services, we can insert the transcreated copy into the original layout and adjust for increased text caused by transcreating from one language to another. This ensures the end product is a creative, well-designed copy that resonates with the intended audience both visually and textually.

A great example of how this works is the 1990s Saab campaign. The automobile manufacturer wanted to relate owning a Saab to the experience of enjoying wide-open spaces. The U.S. version of the advertisement was “Saab vs. Oxygen Bars,” but in Sweden, where there were no oxygen bars, the campaign slogan was transcreated to “Saab vs. klaustrofobi,” which is the Swedish word for claustrophobia.


Premedia From a Different Perspective

Premedia has become a commonly used term in print and creative environments; it is not, however, always immediately clear what the term means. Premedia is the latest term for prepress, and is the term used in printing and publishing industries for the processes and procedures that occur between the creation of a print layout and the final printing. CS sees premedia from a different perspective; it is another step in the quality control process, and an opportunity to enhance and provide feedback on our clients’ print projects.

CS Offers the Following Premedia Services:

  • Advanced Preflight
  • Approval Workflow
  • Contract Color Proofing
  • Special Finishes Consultation and File Preparation
  • High-Resolution, Print-Ready PDFs
  • Image Color and Retouching
  • On-Site Customized Training

Specialty Finishes

Everyone wants to stand out in the crowd and CS is helping our clients achieve this through unique print techniques, coatings, and off-press finishes. There is something physically satisfying about interacting with a printed piece that has been specially treated with unique finishes. There are a number of techniques that allow our products to stand out. These techniques exist in two different stages of production: techniques performed on the press and effects applied off-press. Techniques during both of these stages can be visual and/or tactile.

Below are some of standout finishes available:

  • Gloss UV
  • Raised UV Coating
  • Pearlescent Coating
  • Glitter Coatings
  • Cold Foil (inline)
  • Hot Foil Stamping (off-line)
  • Reticulation Effect
  • Dull Varnish
  • Soft Touch
  • Multi-level Emboss
  • Metallic Inks and Sheen
  • Iridin
  • Grit Coatings of various degrees

With so many finishing options to choose from, CS’s experienced staff provides guidance on the best finishes for our clients’ projects. From testing on press before committing to a finish and final decision, CS is there every step of the way. We work closely with our clients’ marketing departments to understand their vision and collaboratively produce beautiful “Wow” pieces that have been recognized nationally in the industry.



Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

At CS, we operate on one simple premise—to provide you with strategic print management solutions that save time and money while improving quality.
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Working on your behalf, the CS team carefully scrutinizes print workflow, documentation, technology, production, distribution and billing. Then our extensive direct-buying power, (management) and analysis kicks in. CS works it until we develop the most efficient, cost-effective print management system to suit your needs…



Calev System’s (CS) sales staff has more than 70 years of experience and knowledge in the catalog market. Our expert team will work with clients to analyze their current catalog programs, providing innovative recommendations to help improve their return on their investments.

CS’s network of qualified partners will create an efficient, quality product at a highly competitive price. From list service consulting and strategy, to print and distribution, CS will work with clients to generate the best results.

No catalog strategy is sustainable without a cost-effective distribution solution. Co-mail is one of the most effective and cost-efficient programs with on-time delivery. At CS, we have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars through co-mail solutions.

CS’s experienced team can handle an entire catalog or just a few sections; no project is too big or too small. We can tailor a program to fit your needs and become a true extension of your company’s team. Trust CS’s catalog specialists to be your number one, single source, print procurement solution.



Publishing and magazines are at the root of CS’s DNA. Throughout the years, we have seen the evolution of periodicals and magazines ride the wave of economic circumstance, and CS’s been right there leading the charge alongside its customers. In the last decade, every marketer has been engaged in some kind of “print to digital” transformation. But, one thing stands true; rather than an all-digital world, studies have shown that a multi-channel approach that leverages the unique benefits of paper with the convenience and accessibility of digital is the best solution.

CS has produced some of the most visually impactful publications, working directly with publishers and their teams to continuously derive stand-out magazines by using the latest enhanced print technology. By providing the latest tactile methods for creating an enhanced sensory user experience, our clients’ print products elicit an emotional attachment to their brands. We are constantly exploring new and creative methods to ensure that our clients’ publications continue to stand out and be noticed.

Through CS’s auditing process, we can determine the right manufacturing workflow for any given publication. In fact, we have helped many publishers with internal production workflow, as well. Our certified supplier network for magazine publishing is extensive and our services are complete. With key suppliers for newsstand, distribution for controlled circulation, and magazine management software, along with in-house, custom publishing services, CS understands the business of publishing and can help from start to finish.

Here are just a few of the services CS offers publishers:

  • Production Workflow Assistance
  • Contract Color Proofing
  • Color Correction and Image Enhancement
  • Design & Layout with Full Production Services
  • Print, Paper and Distribution Management
  • Implementation of Magazine Management Software
  • Special Finishes That Stand Out in the Crowd
  • Specialty Inserts and BRCs
  • Polybagging and Onserts

Direct Mail

At Calev Systems (CS), we have enjoyed working with clients and partners in many industry verticals. Throughout our history, we have been very fortunate to work on a wide array of successful programs that allow CS to be very flexible and accommodating to our clients’ specific needs.

At CS, our “bread and butter” comes from helping marketers reach their customers. Once we understand their needs, our clients can step back and let us work for them. We always maintain a fully transparent relationship with our clients, allowing them to concentrate on their messaging. CS offers a turn-key solution for direct mail needs, and we are willing to help with any portion of the process. We can answer any mailing question and are the go-to resource for ever-changing, postal regulations.

Segments We Serve:

  • Direct Marketers
  • Advertising/PR Firms
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Retail Businesses
  • Universities & Schools
  • Health Care

CS enjoys working with industry professionals at all levels. We have built our business by doing things accurately and efficiently. We are always available to participate in meetings to help answer technical postal requirement questions and/or to help formulate strategies. When clients send us a job, they can consider it done. CS is a team player and we will help our clients build repeat and referral business.

Contact CS today, and see how our vast experience and industry knowledge can raise your direct mail campaign to the next level.


Retail Signage

CS provides powerful solutions for our clients by producing in-store visual marketing, event, and indoor/outdoor graphics for retail environments. We help our clients stand out through our network of market-leading, certified suppliers. Using the latest manufacturing technology and industry experts, along with our commitment to quality and on-time delivery, our creative solutions give marketers greater control. CS can reduce manufacturing time and increase quality while achieving a cost savings through our ‘more volume to less suppliers’ model; the possibilities are endless.

CS’s certified suppliers use industry benchmark equipment for image quality. Using well-known technologies, such as Lambda photographic output for backlit applications, the latest in dye-sublimation printed fabrics, leading-edge wide-format and narrow technology, and digital interactive displays, CS understands the retail market and delivers quality, ingenuity and technology on time, every time.

By utilizing short-run equipment with high quality, such as the latest HP Indigo Digital Presses, CS delivers true offset quality for short-run work up to 20 x 29. CPM is experienced with mass rollout kitting events and can deliver on-schedule to over 1,600 stores at a time. We combine digital technology with offset technology to produce a complete retail solution.

CS works with nationally recognized retail brands executing within the in-store marketplace. We offer a full spectrum of products such as: POP, POS, retail graphics, displays, banners, wall murals, event and venue graphics, billboards, and more!

  • Backlit Displays
  • Banners
  • Billboards
  • Backdrops
  • Column Wraps
  • Counter Cards
  • Cut Vinyl
  • Danglers
  • Digital Indoor Displays
  • Flags
  • Floor Graphics

  • Hardware
  • Installations
  • Kitting and Fulfillment
  • Lenticular Signs
  • Logo and Letters
  • Pole Banners
  • Stand-Up Display
  • Trade Show Graphics
  • Warehousing
  • Wall Murals
  • Wallscape

Collateral & Brochures

CS has a history of producing some of the most creative, high-quality and unique print collateral for advertising agencies, cruise lines, educational institutions, healthcare providers and others. With CS’s diverse certified supplier’s network, we can provide a wide range of size and finishing options, as well as our extensive creative expertise; we guaranteed our brochure or marketing piece will stand out.

Using the latest in special finishing options, CS can produce collateral and brochures with die cutting, embossing, hot and cold foiling, and a variety of coatings and laminations. Our tactile finishes, such as aqueous coatings and spot UV, will induce the senses. For those who are unsure which effects would best suit their pieces, CS can provide creative and cost-saving recommendations based on our knowledge and experience.

We’re also more than happy to offer recommendations, or help overcome design and production-related challenges, with innovative paper engineering ideas; we have devised dozens of strategies for folds, pockets, tabs, and even pop-ups.

We’re committed to helping our clients develop a product that stands out. Please contact us today to see how we can help you, too.


Quality Commitment

Our Value

At CS, we operate on one simple premise—to provide you with strategic print management solutions that save time and money while improving quality.

Working on your behalf, the CS team carefully scrutinizes print workflow, documentation, technology, production, distribution and billing. Then our extensive direct-buying power, management and analysis kicks in. CS works it until we develop the most efficient, cost-effective print management system to suit your needs…


Quality Control Every Step of the Way

Calev Systems (CS) sees quality control from a different perspective. Typically, quality control includes product inspection while printing or after printing, where every product is examined visually and a loupe is often used for fine detail before the product is sent to bindery. Quality control inspectors would then provide a list and samples with descriptions of unacceptable product defects, such as misregistration, color variances outside of the norm, or surface print blemishes.

Through our Certified Supplier Program, CS ensures that quality control starts before we engage a supplier by ensuring they meet our stringent requirements – even before a single file is delivered or an ounce of ink hits the paper.

Our total quality control and management is an approach that extends beyond the printed page; it permeates every process and task from design, prepress and color correction, to printing and delivering the final product. It requires a complete overview and re-evaluation of the specification of a product or process far in advance, rather than just considering a more limited set of changeable features within an existing product. If the original specification does not meet our quality requirements, CS proactively becomes involved to ensure that the given design is corrected before costly problems occur at every stage of the product cycle. This is part of CS’s value proposition.

CS maintains quality control every step of the way; from the planning, design and pre-press, to printing and mailing, as well as press checks and product delivery. We cover every angle.


Supply Chain

Our network of best-in-class, certified suppliers covers every locality domestic and abroad, and includes every type of print manufacturing equipment available. This allows us to match the right supplier with the right equipment to ensure our clients’ print products are delivered at the right time. We continuously evaluate each supplier in our network through a defined set of criteria assessed by our production managers, as well as via client feedback.

CS handles multiple relationships and workflows with each supplier while our clients enjoy a single-source partnership with CS. Every supplier CS considers must deliver quality work, have financial stability, offer aggressive volume-based pricing, and provide a breadth of offerings.

We have high expectations of our suppliers and rely on proven processes to ensure the work we produce for our clients is delivered on time, on budget, and error-free. Through a set of well-defined SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) and SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures), CS ensures proper execution of every print project.


Today’s marketing departments and buyers are limited by the bandwidth and print procurement expertise they possess. Whether CS manages a project onsite or off, we staff experts in print sourcing, supplier management, finance, technology and human resources support.

Spend leverage

Most companies struggle to leverage their print spend and have a difficult time quantifying spend by category. CS buys tens of millions of dollars on print, paper and distribution across a broad array of categories and industries, giving us greater market intelligence and spend leverage than most companies can ever achieve on their own by aggregating volume. Our clients benefit from this market intelligence and volume leverage, which continues to increase year over year.
Building on the understanding of our clients’ specific resource challenges gained through our procurement analysis, determining a project’s resource needs isn’t a shot in the dark. We provide on-site execution teams that provide the precise level of support needed. These highly-skilled and experienced professionals provide immediate tactical support for our clients’ sourcing and procurement operations.

Supplier Ecosystem

Just as our volume buying power provides our clients with access to massive spend leverage, our constantly expanding global supplier ecosystem provides greater choice and access to partners who will meet their specific quality and time-to-market needs. Our in-house category experts ensure every vendor we work with on behalf of our clients is fully vetted for quality, viability, security, and service. And, because we are working with numerous clients with various needs, this ecosystem is constantly expanding.


Our Cloud-based, software technology solution gives CS the power of seamless integration between all of our internal sourcing and procurement operations. CS’s custom software solution provides e-procurement and business intelligence in one intuitive place, keeping our clients’ projects on time and on budget. Custom reporting and performance metrics are implemented for visualization of information. Using this powerful tool, we have insight into productivity and efficiency providing our customers best-in-class service.

Become a Supplier


Become A Supplier

If you’re interested in becoming a supplier, please fill out the form below to learn about joining our network.

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